Holiday and Winter Tips from the staff at OCSI

Adam Bourne, Registered Massage Therapist


“Keep your steps and walkways salted to prevent falls. A nasty slip can lead to injury. What’s also important is that we use eco-friendly ice melters. There are lots of recipes if you want a little DIY project, or you can pick some up from Canadian Tire. Eco-friendly options are better for our pets, gardens, concrete surfaces, even wild animals and our waterways once the products get washed away with the spring melt. Stay safe!

Josh Kiely, Chiropractor


“If you are enjoying your winter exercises after work or early in the morning, make sure you wear bright or high visibility clothing. A high visibility vest, hat or ankle bracelet makes you more visible to drivers.”

Alex Deek, Physiotherapist


“With the cold and snow here many people become less active over the winter months. By incorporating some form of physical activity into your day, you can positively impact your health and mood, and reduce your risk of injuries. Whether this means doing something you find fun outside (ie. skating, skiing) or moving your workout indoors, 30 minutes of daily activity (or in bouts of 10 minutes or more) can make a huge difference!”

Kirsten Kidd, Athletic Therapist

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“When you are shovelling don’t forget to shovel to both sides of your body. Don’t shovel just to your left side or right side. This can be the cause or contribute to sore shoulders,elbows or back.”

Carolyn McNeill, Chiropractor

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“Millions of microscopic germs are passed through the air and on surfaces that we touch everyday (like doorknobs and desks). So don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water often and cover you mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. And if you are feeling sick, consider staying home to minimize the liklihood of passing on any germs to other people.”

Lindsay Beveridge, Registered Massage Therapist

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“ A few more tips for shovelling season. Lift with you legs and not with your back. Don’t work to the point of exhaustion. Take it slow and stretch before you begin. Shovel only fresh, powdery snow; its lighter. Push the snow rather than lifting it, and take breaks and use a heating pad after if you need.”

Steph Grant, Registered Massage Therapist

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“This holiday season, consider taking a step away from your devices and instead, focus on spending more time with your loved ones.”

Rebecca McNabb, Office Manager

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“The gift giving season is upon us and who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped gift?? Just remember to reuse and recycle when you can!”

Rebecca Laginski, Chiropractor

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“Wear layers when exercising outside! A base layer to wick sweat from the skin, a middle layer to insulate and retain body heat, and an outer layer/shell to shield you from the wind and the rain. You can take the layers off or on to maintain the perfect temperature during your activity.”