Seasonal Activity Change

By: Adam Bourne, RMT

As we transition from season to season our level of activity and the types of physical activity we do can change. Our bodies may be called upon to perform movements they haven’t done in a few months, which can have negative effects.

For example, if you spend your summer running and then start an activity such as skating or playing hockey as the fall/winter season rolls around, although similar, there are differences in the muscles recruited to complete these motions. When there is a change or increased frequency of an activity, you can be at a higher risk for sustaining an injury. You may be more sore after going back to your winter sport or notice some aches or pains that were not bothering you before.

Multiple winter sports include lateral movements (like skating or Nordic skiing) or prolonged quad contractions (such as curling or downhill skiing) causing more stress on the knees. Tightness and fatigue can develop with activities like these, which could lead to injury or hinder your performance.

Make sure when you are switching to a new activity, that you are keeping up with lots of stretching and mobility work for the joints. You can also always book an appointment with your manual therapist. We can help with decreasing fatigue and dropping muscle tone. Along with that we can provide you with some exercises to enhance the results of the treatment. So, whether you are anticipating a return to your winter sport and would like to be proactive, or you have returned to your sport and are experiencing some discomfort, you can call the clinic (613 454 1239) or book an appointment online ( and we will get you back to performing at your best!

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